Lotus Sametime 7.5.1 User Essentials

Course Code: STU751
Product: Lotus Sametime 7.5.1
Duration: 0.5 days
Topics/Pages: 9 topics / 138 pages
Price (US dollars) $10 per user


Sametime enables people in different locations to communicate in real time over the network or Internet and gives you the chat, presentation, audio, and video tools you need to work together on projects or to make effective presentations.

“Sametime” refers to a collection of several components that you can use to communicate with your colleagues or customers in real time. You will learn about these components in this course:

  • Sametime Connect client
  • Sametime Meeting Room
  • Sametime Meeting Center.

Course goals

In this course you will learn how to:

  • log in to Sametime Connect and set your online status
  • add people to your Contacts in Sametime Connect and chat with one or more of them
  • protect your privacy by allowing only certain people to know your online status
  • use text, voice, and video chat
  • conduct an Instant Meeting
  • use the various tools in the Meeting Room, such as the Whiteboard and Screen Sharing, send a Web page, and poll
  • control access and permissions to a Meeting Room
  • participate in a meeting and use the Meeting Room tools, such as hand raising and Group Chat
  • create and attend a scheduled meeting.


This course assumes basic personal computer and software skills, and is designed for individuals who can:
  • start and stop software applications in Microsoft Windows
  • perform basic Windows operations, such as to manage windows, cut and paste, drag/drop, etc.
  • use Microsoft Windows Explorer to find and organize files
  • use the Internet Explorer browser to open and navigate Web sites
  • use any type of email client
  • create, format, and print documents using a graphical word processing software package.


This course is sold as a 1/2 day course.

Course design

This course combines concept presentations, demonstrations, and exercises to guide your learning. Though designed for instructor-lead classes, with the proper equipment and software individuals can also use this course for self-study.

Please consult the Set Up document for this course to make sure the correct environment is in place before starting the course.


Topic 1: Get Started Why use Sametime?
Why companies choose Sametime
Sametime components
Optional Sametime components
Start Sametime Connect
Exercise: Log in to Sametime Connect
Sametime Connect window tour
Sametime Preferences
Set your location
Exercise: Set your location
Directory-supplied Business Card information
Automatically start Sametime Connect at system startup
Manually change your status
Exit Sametime
Sametime Help

Topic 2: Contacts Add people to Contacts
Type to find a name
Exercise: Add people to Contacts
Add private group
Add public group
Exercise: Add public group
Manage Contacts
Save Contacts list to file
Clean Contact List
Primary Contacts
Sametime Communities

Topic 3: Chat Window Chat with one person
Exercise: Chat with one person
Formatting tools
Chat with multiple chat partners
Exercise: Multi-person chat
Tabbed chat window
Manually save chat transcript
Automatically save chat history
View automatically saved chat histories
Show daily chat history

Topic 4: Awareness and Privacy Alert me when notification
Clear alerts
Automatically change your status
Protect your privacy
Privacy list caveats
Topic 5: Voice Chat and Video CallVoice Chat prerequisites
Test your audio equipment
Start a Voice Chat
Connection status
Voice Chat window
Audio tools
Connection tools
End a Voice Chat
Telephony integration
Video Call prerequisites
Start a Video Call
Video Call windows

Topic 6: Send Tools Send Announcement
Send file
Send email
Send email if

Topic 7: Instant MeetingMeeting Audio/Video Preferences
Test your equipment with a Test Meeting
Start an Instant Meeting
Roles in a meeting
Example Participants list
Control the microphone
Video tab
Exercise: Instant Meeting
Use the Whiteboard
Exercise: Whiteboard
Send Web page
Exercise: Send Web page
Exercise: Poll attendees
Leave the meeting
Exercise: Start an Instant Meeting

Topic 8: Screen Sharing Screen Sharing tab
Share your entire screen
Share a resizable rectangular frame
Share a currently running application
Give others control of your screen

Topic 9: Scheduled MeetingMeeting Center
Server time, local time zone
Open Meeting Center
Schedule a meeting
Schedule a meeting from Lotus Notes
Essentials tab
People tab
Slides tab
Options tab
Save the new meeting
Exercise: Schedule a Meeting
Attend a meeting
Differences from an Instant Meeting
Exercise: Attend a Scheduled Meeting