Quick Guides

We offer Quick Guides for Notes, iNotes, and Sametime. Our Quick Guides are designed for users who are:

  • too busy to take formal training
  • are bored by books or other self-paced learning tools such as CBT or video tapes
  • want information in a quickly accessible format.

The reference cards have been designed to print on a 11" x 17" card stock, with the pages in sequence as they appear in the file. Or, they can just be printed out as four 8x11 pages.

We provide two versions of the Quick Guides:

  • Free read-only version. Use Adobe Reader to view or print this version.
  • Paid, modifiable version. Use Microsoft PowerPoint to view or edit this version. Please ask for the PPT files you want to modify. Each single Quick Guide file costs $250 for an unlimited user site license at your organization. Please contact us for billing details.

Quick Guide License Agreement

  • The Quick Guides are available to you at no cost in Adobe Acrobat PDF (read only) format. You may print the cards in unlimited quantities and distribute them to anyone, email them to your employees, or post them electronically on your Intranet, but you cannot sell them or post them electronically for access by people other than your own employees or to your actual, paying customers (e.g. if you are a training center or consulting firm). The copyright on the last page of each card indicates your permission to publish the materials. It is only if you want to modify the cards do you need to purchase a Quick Guide Modifiable License.
  • A Quick Guide Modifiable License is for one card of a specific version at a one time price to a single enterprise. The price is listed on the download page.
  • A Quick Guide Modifiable License gives you access to the modifiable source file for a particular card. You can modify/customize and print or post the card on an internal intranet, but the card but must remain the final publisher/distributor of the finished product to all of the employees in your enterprise or to your actual, paying customers (e.g. if you are a training center or consulting firm). You can distribute the quick reference card electronically (such as posted to an intranet) or via printed copy. You cannot resell the source file or the rights to your modifications. You cannot distribute or resell the finished product in the open market (as you can with our free PDF version). You may add your copyright to the existing copyright (and remove the "publish for free" information), but may not remove the existing copyrights of wareSource.com and Lotus/IBM, for example:
    ©2015 VerySmart Training, Inc.

    ©2015 wareSource.com. Permission granted to reproduce in unlimited quantities, not for resale. Created by wareSource.com, your source for high quality training materials for Lotus Notes Users, Domino Administrators, and Developers. Visit us at waresource.com for more information about how you can use our materials at your next training event. Lotus Notes is a registered trademark of Lotus Development Corporation and International Business Machines.