User Essentials for Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2007

Course Code: OWAUE2007
Product: Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access 2007
Duration: 0.5 days
Topics/Pages: 10 topics / 148 pages
Price (US dollars):
$10 per user


During this course you will send and reply to e-mail using the browser-based Microsoft® Office Outlook® Web Access for Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 (SP1).

You will use the Calendar to keep track of your Appointments and to schedule Meetings. While you are planning a Meeting you can check your co-workers’ schedules to see who is available. You can reserve a room and other resources so that everything is in place when the meeting starts.

You will learn to how to keep track of your Tasks and record your progress in meeting your objectives.

You will create Contacts and Distribution Lists to help manage your relationships, as well as to assist in e-mail addressing.

Course goals

In this course you will learn how to:

  • log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server to access Outlook Web Access
  • send and receive e-mail
  • use unread marks, view sorting, and search to locate important Messages
  • use advanced Mail features such as signature, Out of Office Assistant, Rules, and the Safe Senders list
  • use the Calendar to schedule Appointments and Meetings and check for free time in other people’s schedules
  • create Contacts and Distribution Lists for easy e-mail addressing
  • create Tasks and record your work on a Task
  • organize Messages and other items into folders, use categories to locate common items, and set follow up flags to increase your efficiency
  • access files stored in Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint® Services servers or Windows file shares
  • create Posts in Public Folders
  • access your mailbox using the Outlook Web Access Light version.


This course is designed for new users of Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2007.


This course is sold as a 1/2 day course.

Course design

This course combines concept presentations, demonstrations, and exercises to guide you as you experience the most widely used Outlook Web Access features and core applications. Though designed for instructor-lead classes, with the proper equipment and software individuals can also use this course for self-study.

Please consult the Set Up document for this course to make sure the correct environment is in place before starting the course.


Topic 1: Get Started 
Ways to access your mailbox
Applications included in Outlook Web Access
Exercise: Start Outlook Web Access
Outlook Web Access user interface
Exercise: Switch between OWA applications
Log off and exit Outlook Web Access

Topic 2: Send Mail Messages 
Open Mail application
Create a new Message
Attached file
Tracking Options
Save as draft
Send Message
Exercise: Create and send Message
If a Message doesnt get delivered
Undeliverable Message report

Topic 3: Read Mail Messages 
Open Mail
Unread Messages
Mark a Message as being read or unread
Message sorting
Search for a Message
Read a Message in the Reading Pane
Read a Message in a child window
Basic things you can do while reading a Message
Exercise: Reply to a Message
Categorize Messages
Move a Message to a new folder
Drag and drop a Message to a folder
Select multiple Messages in a folder
Make changes to a folder
Exercise: Organize mail Messages into a folder

Topic 4: Mail Options 
Feature 1: E-mail Signature
Feature 2: Out of Office Assistant
Feature 3: Flag a Message for follow up
Exercise: Follow up on a Message
Feature 4: Rules
Feature 5: Allow or block senders
Feature 6: E-mail Security
Feature 7: Mailbox space

Topic 5: Keep a List of Your Contacts 
Open Contacts
Create a new Contact
Follow up and categories
Option combo boxes
Save Contact
Delete Contact
Use a Contact
Arrange Contacts
Exercise: Create Contact
Create Contact from Message
Create Contact from an Address Book lookup
Distribution Lists
Exercise: Create Distribution List
Create New Folder of Contacts

Topic 6: Create Appointments in Your Calendar 
Open Calendar
Create a new Appointment
Appointment fields
Save an Appointment
Change an Appointment
Exercise: Create Appointment
Delete an Appointment
Recover a deleted Appointment
Appointment options
Print Calendar

Topic 7: Request a Meeting 
Request a Meeting
Address fields
Request a response
Scheduling Assistant tab
Three areas of the Scheduling Assistant
Meeting Organizer: Send the invitation
Meeting Organizer: Caution for save as draft
Exercise: Schedule a Meeting
Attendee: Respond to an invitation
Automatic invitation processing
Meeting Organizer: Look for responses
Meeting Organizer: Declined room or resource
Meeting Organizer: Make changes to scheduled Meeting
Cancel Meeting
Exercise: Accept a Meeting Request

Topic 8: Track Your Tasks 
Open Tasks application
Create a new Task
Task fields
Sort Tasks views
Exercise: Create a new Task
Record your work on a Task
Exercise: Record work on a Task
Complete a Task
Exercise: Complete a Task
Delete a Task

Topic 9: Documents and Public Folders 
Public Folders

Topic 10: Outlook Web Access Light 
Start Outlook Web Access Light Version

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