Lotus Notes 8.5.3 User Essentials PLUS Pack

Course Code: NCUE853plus
Product: Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.3
Provider: wareSource
Duration: 0 days
Topics/Pages: 43 topics / 634 pages
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The Lotus Notes User Essentials PLUS Pack isn’t a traditional “course” in which you are guided through a structured sequence of concepts and experiences. Instead the PLUS Pack is a collection of standalone, advanced topics that you will want to learn about after you have taken the Lotus Notes User Essentials course.

You may want to include some of the PLUS Pack topics to enhance the Lotus Notes User Essentials course, or come back later to learn more about particular aspects of Notes on an as-needed basis.

Course goals

In this course you will learn advanced concepts and skills related to these areas:

  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • Sidebar Applications
  • Document Editing
  • Search
  • User, Application, Document, and Workstation Security
  • Notes as an Internet client
  • Notes User Interface and Tools.

While most of the subjects in this course apply to both Notes Standard and Basic configurations, all the screens and commands demonstrated in this course are from the Notes Standard configuration.


This course is designed for Lotus Notes users who have mastered the content of the Lotus Notes 8.5.3 User Essentials course.


There is no recommended duration for these materials.

Course design

This course combines concept presentations, demonstrations, and exercises to guide your learning. Though designed for instructor-lead classes, with the proper equipment and software individuals can also use this course for self-study.

Please consult the Set Up document for this course to make sure the correct environment is in place before starting the course.


1 Mail Mail Preferences and Options 
Always keep a copy of sent messages
Use Letterhead
Delivery options
Outgoing mail checking
Exercise: Mail delivery options
Advanced delivery options
Delivery Information
Internet mail preferences
Send phone message
Search for Employee Email Addresses 
Select addresses
Search for names in LDAP directories
Add new LDAP directories for lookup
Ambiguous Names
Message Stationery
Personal Stationery
Message AutoSave
Enable AutoSave in Notes
When AutoSave runs
AutoSave timeline
If you never saved the document: Scenario 1
If you never saved the document: Scenario 2
Manually run AutoSave
Notes Minder 
Start Notes Minder
New mail notification
Notes Minder actions
Visual notification of new messages
Mail, Calendar, and Contacts Delegation 
Mail is private by default
Delegation and your privacy
Access to your Calendar for scheduling
Verify Mail file ownership
Delegate your Mail file
Create shortcut to another’s Mail
Exercise: Calendar delegation
Display sender Information in messages
Delegate Mail Contacts
Create shortcut to another’s Contacts
Calendar delegation and time zones
Mail Rules
Create QuickRule
Exercise: Create QuickRule
Manually create a Rule
Exercise: Manually create a Rule
Multiple Rules
Blacklist and Whitelist tag Rule conditions
Blacklist Example
Local Message Archive
You have exceeded your quota
Delete messages, run Calendar Cleanup, and compact Mail file
Why archive messages?
Configure local message archiving
Routine message archive
Recover archived message
Archive Log database
Remove expired messages from your Mail
Administrator control over archiving
Export message to .eml file
How SwiftFile works
SwiftFile works only on Shared folders
Install SwiftFile
Activate SwiftFile
Use SwiftFile
Uninstall SwiftFile

2 CalendarCalendar Configuration
Current Location
Regional preferences
Display time zone and alternate time zone
Calendar display preferences
Default Calendar Entry type
Colors used to help distinguish entries
Alarm configuration
Scheduler preferences
Control who can query your schedule
Manage Meeting Invitations
Delete Meeting invitations
Show invitations and notices in Calendar, not Inbox
Autoprocess Meeting invitations
Resource Management 
Open Resource Reservations application
Who can create sites and resources
Step 1: Create a site
Step 2: Create resource at a site
Room and Resource ownership
Verify resource in Domino Directory
Site document: Automatic reminder notices
Resource document: Limit advanced reservations
Edit resource attributes
Rename a resource
Delete resource
Meeting Rooms and Resources 
Exercise: Schedule a meeting and reserve a room
Restrictions on room and resource reservations
Reservation approval process
Automatic reminder notices
Preferred rooms and resources
Direct Room and Resource Reservations 
Why make a direct reservation?
Who can make direct reservations
Reserve a room in Resource Reservations
Immediate reservation feedback
Exercise: Make direct reservation
Resource views
Quick reservation
Transfer reservation to new owner
Edit a reservation
Cancel a reservation
Group Calendars
Open Group Calendars view
Create Group Calendar
Exercise: Create Group Calendar
Create Group Calendar from sent messages

3 Sidebar and Symphony Applications Sametime Contacts and Primary Contacts
Status changes
Add personal Sametime Group
Exercise: Add personal Sametime Group
Add public Sametime Group
Exercise: Add public Sametime Group
Chat with multiple people
Exercise: Chat with multiple people
Format tools
Right-click menu for Contact
Sametime Contacts list view options
Save chat transcripts
View chat transcripts automatically saved to a folder
Import/Export Contacts to file
Sametime Primary Contacts
My Widgets
Display the My Widgets Sidebar Application
Set Notes as your Web browser
Add a widget from the Widget Catalog
Configure a widget from the current context
Example 1: Widget from a Notes view
Example 2: Widget from a Web page
Example 3: Widget from a Google Gadget
Live text widgets
Example 4: Live text lookup to Company Directory
Example 5: Stock symbol recognizer
Add a plug-in from an Update Site
Status Updates and Files 
Connections plug-ins and preferences
Update your Profile
Search for Profiles
View another persons Profile
Build your Network
Update your status
Files page in Connections
Share a file
Upload new version
Files Sidebar Application
Set Email Preferences in Connections
Lotus Symphony Applications
Why use Symphony?
Create new file
Create new file from template
Common elements
Create a Presentation file
Create a Spreadsheet file
Create a Document file
Supported file formats

4 Document Editing Rich Text Formatting
What is Rich Text?
Show more of the Edit Document Toolbar
Format Rich Text using Text properties
Formatting tips
Language tagging
Image resources
Highlight text
Exercise: Format Rich Text
Permanent pen
Named paragraph styles
Use the default fonts in documents
Set the default fonts on your computer
Special characters
Text popup
Exercise: Text popup
Find and replace text
Add a bulleted list
Reorder lists
Indented numbering
Exercise: Add numbered list
Create table
Add a Basic table
Format a table
Insert, append, and delete table rows or columns
Cell width
Exercise: Add table to a document
Reorder table rows
Merge and Split cells
Nested tables
Exercise: Animated table
Print tabbed tables
Exercise: Sections
Hide when
Exercise: Hide a paragraph
Document properties
Print header and footer
Link Options
Link Hotspots
Change or remove a Link Hotspot
Move or copy a link
Anchor Links
Image maps
Link to a Named Element
Automatic URL conversion to a hotspot
Link to a URL
Insert Hyperlink Toolbar button
Application Link
View Link
Copy a view into table (with links)
Document Locking
Automatic document locking
Exercise: Automatic document locking
Manual long-term document locking
Exercise: Long-term document locking
Document locks and mobile users
Replication or Save Conflict
Replication defined
Document replication conflicts
Save conflicts
Conflict resolution
Document Version Tracking 
Types of version tracking
Manual or Automatic versioning
Optional developer work

5 SearchOpen Any Notes Application
Open an application
Search for an application title
Application Catalog
Search for Information
Find text in a folder or view
Starts with
Full Text Search
Full Text Search results
Exercise: Full Text Search
Improve your results
More search options
Exercise: Use the Search Builder
Toolbar Search
Add Web search site to Search List
Right-click search
Full Text Search Operators 
Any or all words
Exact phrase
Boolean phrase
Web-style search
FIELD or [fieldname] operator
Reserved characters and words
Additional search operators
Domino Domain Search 
Verify your Catalog/domain search server
Conduct a Domain Search
Exercise: Domain Search
More Domain Search options
Interest Profiles and Application Subscriptions 
Interest Profiles
Add Topic/Thread To Interest Profile
Convert My Interest Profile to a Subscription
Configure Notes to monitor applications
Subscribe to an application
Document selection options
View subscription results
Work with subscription results
Subscription Options view
Select documents that match the selected criteria
Exercise: Subscribe to Public Forum application
Why subscribe to your Mail?
Document Content Maps
Knowledge Taxonomy
Create your companys taxonomy
Import a taxonomy
Add metadata information to documents
Verify your Catalog/Domain Search Server
Exercise: Meta tab information
Problems with the Meta tab
Challenges to categorized information

6 User, Application, Document, Workstation SecurityNotes User ID
Key to start Notes
Server access
User ID responsibilities
User Security dialog box
Find your current Notes user name
Lock your Notes User ID
Change your password
Forced password change
Compromised User ID or password
Forgot your password
Change your Notes user name
Notes Shared Login for Windows
Application Security
Application access
Determine your access level to an application
Application Access Control List settings
Exercise: Determine your access level
Special ACL rights
Document Security
Private documents
Reader Access Control List
Anonymous documents
Create a copy of a document
Security implications of copying a document
Design implications
Workstation Security
How ECLs work
View your ECL
Default and No Signature entries
Edit your ECL
Domino administrator control over your ECL
Enable Java applets and JavaScript

7 Notes as an Internet Client Web Browsing
Define your browser
Open the Web browser
Address Toolbar
Bookmark a Web page
Notes Web browser preferences
Feeds Sidebar Application
Open Feeds application
Add a feed
Read the feed headlines
Change the feed display
Feed preferences
Individual feed settings
iCalendar Data Exchange 
iCal standard
Associate Notes with iCal files
Import .ics file into Notes
Manage imported iCal file
Launch URL to import ICS file into Notes
Drag a URL to an .ics file into Notes
Export Calendar Entries from Notes
Import Notes .ics file into Outlook
Import Notes .ics file into Google Calendar
Import Notes .ics file into Mozilla Lightning
iCal meeting invitations
Internet Mail
Send and receive Internet mail
Notes and Internet mail to the same Inbox
Notes and Internet mail in different Inboxes
Sign and/or Encrypt messages sent to Internet email users
Internet Certificates
Obtain your Internet Certificate
Import Internet Certificate File into Notes User ID
Digitally sign a message
Outlook Express signs message to Notes user
Notes user accepts senders Certificate for encryption
Internet mail preferences

8 Notes User Interface and ToolsWindow Management and Bookmarks
Windows and Themes
Large Fonts
Close all window tabs
Show Thumbnails button
View your Bookmarks in the Open List
Dock the Open List
Default Bookmark folders
Add Bookmark
Manage Bookmarks and Bookmark Folders
Exercise: Bookmarks
Restore default Bookmarks
Legacy Workspace
Exercise: Workspace
Home Page
Default Home Page
Exercise: Quick Notes
New Home Pages
Frames Home Page
Exercise: Create Frames Home Page
Personal Page Home Page
Set Bookmark as Home Page
Toolbars and Status Bar 
Advanced Menus
Enable/disable advanced Toolbars
Toolbar Preferences
Status Bar
Microsoft Office and Lotus Symphony Integration
Send current file via email (Office and Symphony)
Attachments (Office and Symphony)
Import/export (Office and Symphony)
Embed Office object in Rich Text field (Office only)
Microsoft Office Library (8.5) application (Office only)
Document Library application (Office and Symphony)
Create Notes link in other application (Office only)
Smart Tags (Office only)
Smart Tags troubleshooting
Custom programs (Office and Symphony)
Work Offline
iNotes alternative
Two ways to work remotely
Before you leave the office
Replica of your Mail
Other things not to forget
While you are in transit
When you arrive at your destination
Replication and Sync page
When you receive messages
When sent messages are transferred out
Verify database encryption
Enable network encryption
Keep replication times short
Back in transit
When you return to the office
Exercise: Simulate travel
Schedule replication
Replication and accidental document deletion