Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What prevents me from downloading courseware and not paying for it?
    • A:We trust you! You won't have a happy life with a guilty conscience.
  • Q: What if I don't want have a PayPal account to pay for courses?
    • A:You don't need to have a PayPal account to pay for our courses; PayPal accepts a credit card for payment without creating an account. When you check out you will see two buttons: "Check Out" and "Check Out With PayPal". If you would rather pay by bank check or wire please contact us and we'll send an Invoice. The advantage of PayPal beyond being convenient and secure is that they can tie your payment to a credit card or to a bank account. Plus it makes refunds very easy for us.
  • Q: Do you really have a money back guarantee?
    • A: Yes! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will offer to fix the problem or refund your money via PayPal.
  • Q: Can I still get older versions of the courses (Notes 7, 6, 5, etc.)?
    • A: Yes! Just ask and we'll post them on our Google Drive.
  • Q: Our printer won't photocopy the material because it is copyrighted. Can you help?
    • A: Yes! Just ask and we'll email or fax a copyright waiver to you or directly to your printer.
  • Q: Our company wants to modify your courses or create custom courses. Is this possible?
    • A: Yes! Just ask and we'll post the original Microsoft Word files on our Google Drive. With those files you may:
      • modify the title, contents and/or appearance of the course materials
      • combine topics from multiple courses into a single course (we also license individual course topics at a per-topic/per-student price)
      • shorten or lengthen the courses or offer them in short mini-seminars
      • combine courses with custom application training
      • add your own specific content to the training materials.

Because you are actually licensing our content, you can also copy chunks of our content and re-purpose it as you see fit (to be used inside your company), perhaps as learning bits in your LCMS, converted to HTML and posted as mini-tutorials, used for short brown-bag lunch demonstrations, or used in periodic e-mails to keep users up on the latest skills.

You may NOT remove or replace the copyright page or modify the materials to include changes from a future major release of Notes. You can, however, if you have added materials, add your copyright above ours indicating your rights to the added material. If you split out our content, be sure to include our copyright on the first page of your presentation.

If you use the course for purposes other than direct instructor-lead delivery, you may qualify to use the materials using a Publisher License. Please contact us for more information about this agreement.

Please see our general License Agreement for courseware, which also applies to customized courses.

Computing the price of a custom course is simple math; take the percentage of materials used from a particular course and multiply that with the price of the course. For custom courses created from multiple courses, repeat the computation for each course for a subtotal price and add together the subtotals for a grand total price.

  • Q: We are running a class using your materials. Do you want us to pay for them before or after the class?
A: That is up to you. As a training provider, we don't require you to pay for the license until AFTER it has been used instead of before. We know that the training environment is always in flux. You can never predict ahead of time how many students come to class or how many users access a CBT over the network until after the fact.

We also trust that you will report the number of students that have used the material. And like software manufacturers, we trust that you won't make pirate copies of the course materials and become your own illegal distribution house.

  • Q: We have lots of users. Do you have a volume discount?
    • A: Yes! For example for a user course costing $15 for one user, here is the volume discount schedule for many users:
Quantity Purchased Cost per User
1 - 99 $15.00
100 - 1999 $12.00
2000+ $9.60
We also offer unlimited user site licenses for large organizations.