Lotus Domino Designer 8.5: User Interface

Course Code: DDUI85
Product: Lotus Notes/Domino R8.5
Duration: 0.25 days
Topics/Pages: 3 topics / 48 pages
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Domino Designer 8.5 has been transformed as an Eclipse Framework plugin. While the new user interface will initially slow you down, you will be rewarded for your efforts with new capabilities that come with the initial and are promised for future releases.

This tutorial isn’t an update to new design elements that you can program in Domino Designer 8.5 such as XPages and their accompanying design elements. The objective of this tutorial is to help you overcome the initial hurdle of learning the new Eclipse-based Domino Designer user interface so that you can quickly return to developing elements covered in the wareSource Domino Designer 8 courses.

Note: This tutorial is free with any past or future purchase of any wareSource Domino Designer 8 developer course.

Tutorial goals

After you complete this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Eclipse Framework, including things such as the Workbench, Perspectives, and Views.
  • Adjust the layout of Eclipse Views to match your requirements and working style, and to save your layout as a Perspective so you can switch to it when needed.
  • Uses the Eclipse Help System to access context-sensitive and topical help documents.
  • Use the Navigator View to locate and open design elements.
  • Create a “classic” Domino Designer Perspective that closely emulates the IDE of Domino Designer 8.
  • Create Working Sets of applications to organize your development projects.
  • Access new application and design element properties pages and learn about several new properties that can be applied to Rich Text fields and applications.
  • Use the Editor View to open design elements and learn which editors have been updated and which are slated for future updates.
  • Use the Eclipse editors to work on files such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS saved as File Resources.


This tutorial is designed for new or experienced developers using Domino Designer 8 who are upgrading to Domino Designer 8.5.

You will find this tutorial especially rewarding if you have already used Notes 8.x Standard Configuration.

This tutorial is designed to augment these Domino Designer 8 courses with the new user interface found in release 8.5

Courses later in the series assume that you have mastered the content of earlier courses.


This course is designed to be incorporated with our existing developer courses, but if taught separately will take approximately 2 hours.

OutlineTopic 1: Eclipse Framework

        Start Domino Designer

        Perspective and Eclipse Views

        Customize Eclipse Views

        Customize and save a Perspective

        Domino Designer and Eclipse Preferences

          Eclipse Help System

    Topic 2: Navigator View

          Open and remove applications from Navigator View

          Open mode

          How the Navigator View is organized

          Classic Domino Designer Perspective

          Working Sets of applications


            Interesting new properties

      Topic 3: Editor View

            Code editors

            Edit DXL of design elements


            Code Compare

            View and Folder editors

            Multiple Editor View tabs